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Abisko Washbasin from Eumar is a totally new concept for our modern lifestyle. In these environmentally-conscious times the cast mineral marble washbasin Abisko brings us back to nature. Inspired by the unspoilt waterfalls of the Swedish National Park Abisko, the sink is unfettered by pipes. Nor does it allow water to accumulate in a big tub, something designers Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundström deem unnecessary. Rather, one should be aware of just how much water one is using, and catch it with careful consideration. An extraordinary, sculptural piece, the Abisko washbasin captures the freshness of mountain streams as water cascades down the length of the sink to slip away down a discreet floor-level grill. Living with an awareness of our limited resources, surrounded by cherished objects... these are the keys to happiness offered by the Abisko Washbasin from Eumar.
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Bathrooms with modern design and functionality


Experts in composite stone sanitary ware casting - washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs.

In over 25 years of existence, our Company has grown into a top-class bathware manufacturer, mostly washbasins but lately we have started adding composite stone bathtubs and shower trays to our collection. Constantly exporting almost 95% of our production to 12 countries in Europe, also Japan, India, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.

With special attention on research and development, we are always keeping up with changing philosophy of individual space and industry's technology, providing excellent design with no compromise on functionality and comfort of the product.


Feasibility and study
Feasibility and study
Prototype, Tests
Prototype, Tests
Our experienced specialists can create personal solutions and customized designs in weeks. Single items or large production series, custom molds for composite stone production.


Our products are made of durable composite stone - technologically advanced material created from natural minerals and modified polyester resin. Mimicking the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials it is suitable for casting into variety of shapes and sizes.

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Silky-smooth mat surface, solid material all the way through

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Smooth-finished glossy surface, sealed with a gel coat layer

seamless and hygienic
repairable and renewable
thermoshock resistant
Our composite stone molding technique has been improved and modified to outrun production costs and quality of classical cut and glue manufacturing methods. All our washbasins are customizable according to specific requirements and room dimensions. Suitable for home- or public bathrooms.
Washbasins and surface made of CreaCore

Washbasins and surface made of CreaCore ®

Washbasin made of mineral marble

Washbasin made of GelCeramic ®


Functional and relaxing bathrooms have always been our passion - washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays. Customizable washbasin bathtubs and shower trays are suitable for home or public bathrooms. Our references contain recognized objects from around the world.


Eumar 12 meter mobile bathroom showroom truck is full of inspiration and ideas for bathroom interior of home or public bathroom areas. Fully powered and air-conditioned bathroom showroom-trailer offers hands-on experience with spotlights highlighting each washbasin. Experience that you just can't get from a brochure.

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Schedule of our mobile bathroom showroom tour is continuously updated based on requirements of our customers. We will keep You posted as soon as we visit Your area, so that you can take advantage of our Mobile Bathroom Showroom service!



Each design starts from blank sheet of paper, some even end with it. Origami washbasin is inspired by something as simple as a folded sheet of paper. Made entirely of CreaCore®


Eumar's designer washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays can be seen inside bathrooms of recognized cruise ships and hotels, in public bathrooms of well-known restaurants and shopping centers. Attract the attention of your customers with truly unique products and become our official partner. Take a look at our references and ask for partnership options.