Aqua Plus

Vanity top washbasin with customizable width. Made of GelCeramic – a glossy gel coated cast marble composite stone.
Aqua Plus Washbasin by Eumar
Aqua Plus Washbasin by Eumar
Aqua Plus Washbasin by Eumar

Supportive information:

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  • Made in GelCeramic
  • Customizable width
  • Wall hung with help of brackets, furniture top model
  • Possible integration of additional functionality
  • With tap hole or tap installation from back wall
  • With overflow
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Aqua 078C
Aqua 078C
780 × 485 × 40
252.00 €
Aqua 80C
Aqua 080C
800 × 485 × 40
303.00 €
Aqua 110L
Aqua 110L
1100 × 485 × 40
310.00 €
Aqua 110R
Aqua 110R
1100 × 485 × 45
310.00 €
Aqua 140C
Aqua 140C
1400 × 485 × 40
372.00 €

Size customization:

Our technology allows taking into account size and configuration of each room. Washbasin dimensions are adjustable to the last millimeter and according to your wishes. Edges can be cut under angle, visible edges can be prefabricated or covered with prefabricated side panel.

Size customization

About material:


GelCeramic ®

White: U1

Composite stone with smooth-finished glossy or mat gel-coat-covered surface. Perfect combination of mineral filler and synthetic binder, covered with wear-proof gel coating to give the material higher strength and durability.
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